Monuments in St Augustine

red brick ower of st AugustinesSt. Augustine is rich in monuments, however, there is one remembrance that is perhaps more poignant than that of all the rich merchants and weavers. Although outside the "scope of our site the story is repeated below

Private John Abigail

John Abigail was born of poor and apparently uncaring parents. In the harsh times of the late 19th century they were brought to court for ill treating their children. What John Abigail's life was like we can only guess but poverty and hunger were common and probably John suffered more than most.

Like most of his generation, as a teenager, John was called up by the army for duty in the First World War. He was soon shipped out to the front where as we now know conditions were appalling and human life was of little value.

John deserted, was captured and shot for cowardice at the age of 20.

By the rules of that time John should not be remembered, but for some unknown reason his name appears with his fallen comrades on the war memorial screen in St. Augustine Church.

It would be good to think that some enlightened person decided that John should have a place on the memorial when perhaps in life he had seen so little compassion. Perhaps there is a simple message of enlightenment stretching to 2007 when all of the WW1 soldiers shot for cowardice were finally honoured

Norwich Worthies

For more`indepth information on Matthew Brettingham  (1699-1769) who was an architect involved in the building of Holkham Hall click here

As well as Matthew there are monuments to many other Norwich worthies, who were part of this church and community, These monuments can be viewed by clicking the pattern. Read the inscription by clicking info

Date Name    
1818-1848 John Beckwith Beckwith Monument Beckwith Monument
Lt. Bertie Benn (First World War hero)
Lt. W H Benn (First World War hero)
Benn monument Benn monument
Matthew Brettingham Snr
Martha Brettingham
Robert Brettingham
Matthew Brettingham
Matthew Herbert Freston Brettingham
brettingham memorial brettingham memorial

Thomas Clabburn
A weaving factory owner whose memorial was erected by 600 of his weavers & features two shuttles
clabburn monument clabburn monument
xxxx - 1810
xxxx - 1817
John Goose
John Goose
Goose monument Goose monument
John Graves
Mary Graves
Graves memorial Graves memorial
Harry Greengrass
Cecilia Florence Greengrass
greengrass memorial greengrass memorial
Elisha de Hague
Mary De Hague
de hague monument de hague monument
1873-1920 Mary Haydon Haydon monument Haydon monument
1754-1838 Edmund Manning manning memorial manning memorial
Thomas Churchman Newman
Elizabeth Newman
Newman monument Newman monument
1846-1908 Robert Pigg Pigg memorial Pigg memorial
1867-1912 Alice Pigg Pigg memorial Pigg memorial
1738-1738 John Reeve
Reeve monument Reeve monument
Edmund Reeve (Sheriff 1796)
Martha Reeve
Reeve monument Reeve monument
Edmund Reeve
Elizabeth Reeve
Reeve monument Reeve monument
Charles Starkey
Hannah Starkey
Starkey memorial Starkey memorial
Robert Starkey
Mary Starkey
Starkey memorial Starkey memorial
1753-1817 James Wright Wright memorial Wright memorial


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