Bibliography for Norwich Historic Churches Trust

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. The first section contains the main sources for churches as buildings. The second section contains as many books as can be found on the Norwich churches, both generally and individually. The third section contains a few basic books on church history, with special reference to England and the Church of England.

General books on churches

Addleshaw, G.W.O. & Etchells, F: The Architectural Setting of Anglican Worship, London, 1948.
Anson, P.F., Fashions in Church Furnishings,  London, 1960.
Biéler, A., Architecture in Worship, London, 1965.
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Chatfield, M: Churches the Victorians Forgot , Ashbourne, 1989
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Clarke, H., The Archaeology of Medieval England,  London, 1984
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Cunnington, P: How old is that Church?; Yeovil, 1993.
Curl, JS: English Heritage Book of Victorian Churches; London, 1995.
Fisher, E.A., Anglo-Saxon Towers, David & Charles. 1969
Friar, S: A Companion to the English Parish Church; Godalming, 1996.
Hamilton, B: Religion in the Medieval West; London 1986
Howard, FE: Mediæval Styles of the English Parish Church; London 1936.
Ison, L and W: English Church Architecture through the Ages; London 1972.
Kerr, M. & N.,  Anglo-Saxon Architecture, Shire Archaeology, 1983
Mansfield, HO: Norfolk Churches: their foundations, architecture & furnishings, Lavenham,1976
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Yates, N: Buildings, Faith, and Worship: the liturgical arrangement of Anglican Churches 1600-1900; Oxford 1991; 2000.
Yaxley, S (1990) The Reformation in Norfolk Parish Churches, Larks Press.

On Norwich churches - General

Groves NW: The Medieval Churches of the City of Norwich;Norwich 2010
Spencer, N, and Kent, A: The Old Churches of Norwich; Norwich, 1970.
Spencer, N, and Kent, A, revised Court, A: The Old Churches of Norwich; Norwich 1990.
Finch, J: Church monuments in Norfolk before 1850: An Archaeology of Commemoration (British Archaeology Reports). Archaeopress, 2001

Individual Churches

(This list does not include the large number of duplicated pamphlets which have been produced over the years.

All Saints
Tricker, R, and Cook, J: All Saints’ Church, Norwich: a history and guide; Norwich, 1982.
Tricker, R, and Cook, J: All Saints’ Church, Norwich: a history and guide; Norwich, 1992.
Tricker, R, Cook, J, and Young, R: All Saints’ Church, Norwich: a history and guide; Norwich 2004.
St Andrew
St Augustine
Anon: A Guide to the Parish Churches of St Augustine and St Mary Coslany, with notes on their history; Ramsgate 1960(?)
McLaren, S: St Augustine ; London 2004.
St Benedict
St Clement Fyebridge

Anon: A History of the Parishes of St Clement and St George [Colegate]; Ramsgate 1960.

St Edmund
St Etheldreda
St George Colegate

Anon: A History of the Parishes of St Clement and St George [Colegate]; Ramsgate 1960.
Hubbard, LA: St George’s Colegate, Norwich-over-the-Water; Norwich, 1983.
Mottram, RH: St George’s Church, Colegate, Norwich; Norwich, 1960.
Thurlow, AGG: St George Colegate, Norwich: a ‘redundant’ church; Norwich, 1950.

St George Tombland

Coiley, D: The Church of St George Tombland, Norwich; Norwich, 1974
Groves, N: The Parish Church of St George Tombland; Norwich, 1996
Groves, N: The Parish Church of St George Tombland; Norwich, (2nd edition 2007)
Tillett, EA: St George Tombland: past and present; Norwich, 1891.

St Giles-on-the-Hill

Cotton, S: A Short Guide to St Giles on the Hill; Norwich, 1984.
Eade, P: Some Account of the Parish of St Giles, Norwich; Norwich, 1886.

St Gregory

Jessopp, J: The History and Antiquities of S. Gregory’s Church Norwich; Norwich, 1886.
Groves, NW: The Church of St Gregory Pottergate, Norwich: the building and its people. Norwich 2010.

St Helen
St James Pockthorpe

Long, S: The History of the church and parish of St James with Pockthorpe, Norwich; Ramsgate, 1963.

St John Maddermarket

Duxson, WE: Maddermarket; Norwich, 1933.
Raymond, L: Church of St John the Baptist, Maddermarket, Norwich; London 1993.
Palfrey, CH: The Church of St John Baptist at Maddermarket, in the City of Norwich; Ramsgate, 1962.
Steward, AV: Saint John the Baptist, Maddermarket, Norwich; Norwich, 1927.
Tricker, R: The Church of St John the Baptist, Maddermarket, Norwich; London, 2001.

St John de Sepulchre

Henderson, A: St John de Sepulchre Church, Norwich; Norwich, 1932.

St John Timberhill

McLean, M and Upjohn, S: A Guide to St John Timberhill; Norwich, 1982.
McLean, M and Upjohn, S, revised Mountney, JM: A Guide to St John Timberhill; Norwich,1989.

St Julian

Flood, RH: A Description of St Julian’s Church , Norwich, and an Account of Dame Julian’s connection with it; Norwich, n.d. (c 1931)
McLean, M: St Julian’s Church and Lady Julian’s Cell; Norwich 1979; rev ed 1981.
(The Julian Centre at the church has a very wide-ranging collection on Dame Julian and her work.)

St Lawrence

Tricker, R: The Church of Saint Laurence in the City of Norwich; Norwich 2010.

St Margaret de Westwick
St Martin-at-Oak

Anon: A Historical Description of St Michael at Coslany, Norwich, 1254-1959: with a note on the adaptation of St martin at Oak into a church hall and chapel. Ramsgate 1959.

St Martin-at-Palace
St Mary Coslany
Hotblack, JT: The Church of St Mary Coslany, Norwich; Norwich, 1910.
St Michael Coslany
Anon: A Historical Description of St Michael at Coslany, Norwich, 1254-1959: with a note on the adaptation of St Martin at Oak into a church hall and chapel. Ramsgate 1959.
Pennell, TEN: The Annals of the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Coslany; Norwich, 1925.
St Michael-at-Plea

Groves, NW: The Church of Saint Michael-at-Plea, Norwich: some aspects of its history; Norwich 2009.

St Michael-at-Thorn
St Paul
St Peter Hungate
Beecheno, FR: Some Account of St Peter’s Hungate Parish, Norwich; Norwich, 1923.
Anon: Guide to the St Peter Hungate Church Museum, Norwich; Norwich, 1958.
Young, MR: St Peter Hungate Church Museum; Norwich, 1968.
St Peter Mancroft
St Peter Parmentergate
Anon: St Peter Parmentergate and St Julian, Norwich; Norwich, n.d. (between 1958 and 1971)
St Saviour
St Stephen
Anon: St Stephen’s Church, Norwich: a visitor’s guide; Norwich n.d. (post 1977)
St Swithin

Duleep Singh, F: A History of St Swithin’s Church Norwich.  Norwich 1910.

Also of use is the ‘Tillett Collection’ – a series of scrapbooks complied by EA Tillett, around 1900, one for each parish. These are held in the Norfolk Heritage Centre.

The parish records for each parish are held in the Norfolk Record Office, under the sequence PD.

Few basic books on the history of the Church generally

The Penguin History of the Church

vol 1: Chadwick, H: The Early Church; 1967.
vol 2: Southern, R: Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages;
vol 3: Chadwick, O: The Reformation; 1972.
vol 4: Cragg, GR: The Church and the Age of Reason (1648-1789); 1960.
vol 5: Vidler, AR: The Church in the Age of Revolution; 1974.
vol 6: Neill, S: Christian Missions;
Barlow, F., The  English Church 1000-1066: a history of the later Anglo-Saxon Church, 1979 (2nd edition), London
Brooke, R. & C., Popular Religion in the Middle Ages: western Europe 1000-1300, London, 1984
Cuming, G.J.,  A History of Anglican Liturgy, 1982 (2nd edition), London
Dickens AG: The English Reformation; London, 1964.
Duffy, E., The Stripping of the Altars,  Yale UP 1993
Edwards, D.L., Christian England, 1989 (combined edition), London
Haigh, C: English Reformations: religion, politics, and society under the Tudors; Oxford, 1993.

Churches managed by NHCT are highlighted in in bold below. Click to visit a church.
All Saints Westlegate St. George Tombland St. Julian St. Michael at Plea
St. Andrew St. Giles St. Lawrence St. Peter Hungate
St. Augustine St. Gregory St. Margaret St. Peter Mancroft
St. Benedict St. Helen St. Martin at Oak St. Peter Parmentergate
St. Clement St. James Pockthorpe St. Martin at Palace Plain St. Saviour
St. Edmund Fishergate St. John de Sepulchre St. Mary Coslany St. Simon & St. Jude
St. Etheldreda St. John Maddermarket St. Mary the Less St. Stephen
St. George Colegate St. John Timberhill St. Michael(Miles) Coslany St. Swithin